Culinary offer

Lavanttal’s typical cider has been produced for a long time and was already known by Napoleon’s army. The soldiers thought the delicious, sparkling drink to be champagne. The creation of ‘Apfelfrizzante’ (a sparkling apple wine) increased the cider’s production and publicity even further. This light drink has an alcoholic content of about 5% and is perfectly suitable for an aperitif.

Due to the sunny exposure and its moderate climate the Lavanttal is predestined for the viticulture. Each spring you can smell the scent of thousands of apple and pear trees. An incorporable flowerage! The first documentary mention of Lavanttal’s orcharding relates to an orchard of St. Andrä. This was more than thousand years ago.

The term ‘Mostbarkeiten’ refers to a quality initiative where agriculturists, restaurants and guesthouses have the common purpose to maintain Lavanttal’s culinary quality.

The Lavanttal is considered to be ‘Carinthia’s paradise’, not only because of the numerous orchards but also because of the excellent gastronomy offer. The best cooks in austria are arwarded with several 'Gaul-Millaus´s toques'. ('Zum Bären' in Bad St. Leonhard)

Delicacy weeks and numerous events invite everyone to taste regional and seasonal products:

Naturally, the fresh asparagus originates from Lavanttal’s agricultural fields.

A further highlight of the Lavanttal’s culinary offer is the poultry festival ‘Gackern’ in St. Andrä. St. Georgen’s apple festival gives you an impression of the apple’s healthiness and regional importance. At the St. Andrä’s ‘food of town and rural area-festivity’, local specialties are offered at the weekends.

The ‘Brettljause’, Lavanttal’s typical supper, is a snack consisting of bread, cold cuts (ham, bacon, salami) and cheese and is available in local ‘Buschenschenken’ localities and mountain cabins