Economic Region "Lavanttal"


The economic region "Lavanttal" is located between the urban cornubation Graz in Styria and the central area of Carinthia. With efficient links to the road network (motorway A2) and the construction of the high speed railway "Koralm-Bahn" that will connect the valley to the city of Graz, the region lies directly on the strategically favourable European North/South axis.

The valley also offers a very good educational system starting from primary school to secondary academic schools or VETs and vocational schools. In the cities of Graz, Klagenfurt and Ljubljan universities are in reachable distance.

Beginning from the municipality of Bad St. Leonhard the commercial and industrial area spreads across other municipalities of the district Wolfsberg which are Frantschach, Wolfsberg, St. Andrä and St. Paul.

The region defines itself through a strong number of companies from the most varied sectors. For example small handicraft businesses cooperate to join their forces and organize one common brand presentation. Innovative production companies register high export shares. Initiatives like the "association for promoting the economic region" provide essential support in economic networking between all municipalities in the region.

The valley developed to an essential production sight in Carinthia in the last years. It holds the third place in comparion to other Carinthian regions when it comes to the number of workplaces and also resident population. Every municipality in the region offers other strenghts.