In the Upper Lavanttal Valley, the focus has always been on the rich treasures of Mother Earth. Gold, silver and iron ore mining were of great economic importance in the past.

Some 500 years ago, the great physician and scholar Paracelsus examined some springs and wells in the Upper Lavanttal Valley and found that the water had wondrous healing powers.

The healing properties of the KELZER SPRING in Reichenfels are unique in Austria and have long been a secret tip among health conscious people. Drinking cures help to remove water from the body’s tissue, make the skin more resistant and are very helpful in the treatment of chronic infl ammations.

PREBLAUER MINERAL WATER, an acidulous water highly appreciated since the Middle Ages, is one of the best drinking and healing waters found in Austria. The SULPHUR SPRING in Bad St. Leonhard has been successfully used for decades to treat rheumatic disorders.

Today, well-marked trails take you to the many natural gems and historic sights. The springs and wells are the most important stops of this highly informative and healthy discovery tours.

Strolling, hiking or cycling where Paracelsus’ once worked – a valuable experience or body, mind and soul!

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