pure adventure, ...

... holiday adventure at the Hotel Moselebauer in Bad St. Leonhard:

 the unique archery-route "Robin Wood" in a dense wood presents 14 three-d animals in an attractive location. It´s possible to organise competitions with theory and a shooting contest. Little groups or individuals can use the route off their own bat. Score-Cards, a plan and if it´s needed also equipment are available.

high-wire action
under the guidance of trainers you get through a kind of obstacle-route in a height from 8,5 m till 10 m. There are unique experiences. It´s not important to bring a performance like „superman“, rather teamwork, cooperation with the team and team spirit are to the fore, to solve the different tasks.

indoor - adventure trail
In the roof-timberwork from the indoor tennis centre at the Hotel Moselebauer there is this unique indoor adventure trail. 14 different stations in a height of ca. 6 meters are a challenge for everyone: balance across beams and a bridge of nets, climb through nets and manoeuvre around three trunks, … an exciting experience. There are also trainers which coach the competitors. The safety equipment will be supplied.

Climbing wall
In the indoor tennis centre at the indoor adventure trail there is also the climbing wall. Climbing at three degrees of difficulty, marked with different colours, to the ceiling of the hall. The climbing wall and the indoor adventure trail are very attractive stations of the holiday adventure Moselebauer, because they can be used at any hour and in all weathers.

course for quads
first course for quads in a hotel in Austria. The ca 800 m long course is situated in a magnificent view. Peculiarities: hummock track, climbing-route, steep turn, … For guided trips please ask in the hotel

„tipi“ tent village
„indian feeling“ with a fantastic view. The village contains 5 different “tipi´s” (tent of the nordamerican Indians) and also a “Wall Tent” as well as a romantic place for campfires. Here it´s also possible to make barbecues. In every “tipi” there is a fireplace.

riding the bull
Who can keep longest in the saddle of the restive bull „Ferdinand“. Depending on the skilfulness of the rider could be choosen between 3 degrees of difficulty .

bungee running
Strength against rope, who resists the resistance and put his sponge widest at the scale?

shooting range
test your marksmanship at the shooting range in the hall with air guns and air pistols. There are two launching locations available with a distance of 5 and 10 metres.

further adventure:
milk a cow, golf simulator, …

Hotel Moselebauer
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