The Lavanttal’s cultural offer is affected by historic treasures. The axis between St. Paul – St. Andrä – Wolfsberg is the region’s historic, religious and worldly centre. The Benedictine monastery has gained, supported by the major regional exhibition 1991, cultural relevance beyond the region and the province Carinthia.

Due to its position between Graz and Klagenfurt, the Lavanttal developed an independent regional cultural scene. This indicates folk culture and cultural events such as the “St. Paul’s cultural summer”, concerts and a variety of events at the castle of Wolfsberg.

Numerous galleries, museums and exhibitions invite to a cultural walkabout. Readings and performances are most welcome and entertain visitors frequently. Well-known authors and authoresses like Christine Lavant, Ingeborg Teuffenbach and Gerhart Ellert had their roots in the valley. Known painters of the past, like Suitbert Lobisser and Josef Benedict Habernig, and of the present day, like Karl Schüssler, Walter Melcher, Manfred Mörth, are representatives of the Lavanttal’s artists.