Who brings grandma to the doctor?
Do you drive Max to soccer training?
How do I get to the train?

These are questions that crop up daily, especially in rural areas. Together with the Styrian company ISTmobil, the regional management Lavanttal offers a solution to these problems:

Lavanttal ISTmobil
Within the framework of this project, the basic mobility supply for the approximately 42,000 inhabitants of Frantschach-St. Gertraud, Wolfsberg, St. Andrä and St. Paul ensured. Lavanttal ISTmobil is timetable independent. All trips are made by regional taxi companies. Passengers can enter, transfer and exit at approximately 470 collection stops throughout the operating hours, which are distributed throughout the four municipalities.

Lavanttal ISTmobil complements public transport and brings you flexibly and reliably to all stops in the participating communities - and at a cost-effective rate. Rides can be booked via app, online or by phone. Trips can be ordered in advance, but at least 60 minutes before departure. Standing orders are also possible.

Book your trip at:
Tel: 0123 500 44 11
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What is ISTMobil?
How does ISTmobil work?

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